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Blockchain Technology Startup Coinfirm Secures $700,000 In VC Funding Coinfirm, a London-based blockchain technology company focused on compliance as a service, has secured a $700,000 investment from Luma Ventures, a venture capital firm, and has opened its current round to other investors.

Northern Trust Goes Live With IBM-Powered Private Equities Blockchain With $6.7tn in assets under custody, Northern Trust has formally launched its first blockchain product with a little help from IBM.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: New Highs Are Nigh Timing the market is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would do it. That's why many traders turn to technical analysis for an edge. All any.

Bitcoin Price Tops $1,000 For Longest Stretch in History Bitcoin prices have been above $1,000 for more than a week, granting evidence that the currency has been building support at this level.

Blockchain Capital Lures Bitcoin Analyst Away from Wall Street Firm Blockchain Capital, one of the most prolific investment companies in the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem, has hired Spencer Bogart to take over as.

Decentralized Web Gets Visual Aid With New Blockstack Explorer Blockstack has released a new blockchain explorer that gives a window into its budding bitcoin-powered internet product.

Purse Partners with Bity, Expands in Europe Teaming Up with Bity We’ve got a new partnership to unveil, so grab your passport – because this time Purse is going on a trip through the Swiss alps. We’re happy to announce we’re working directly with bitcoin exchange / gateway, lo

Blockchain Will Be Commercial in 2019, Says CEO of Russia’s Largest Bank Noted blockchain advocate, bitcoiner and chief executive of Sberbank, Herman Gref, has stated that the commercial applications of blockchain technology in Russia will take shape in two, or two-and-a-half years from now.

California Lawmakers Consider Barring Bitcoin from Charity Raffles A lawmaker in California has proposed prohibiting the use of bitcoin and other digital currencies for private raffles.

Businesses Stockpile Bitcoin to Face Cyber Extortion Threats Businesses are now stockpiling bitcoin in order to meet ransom demands that, if unpaid, would lead to a loss of valuable data.

Top 5 Fun Mobile Bitcoin Apps Worth Checking Out Slowly but surely, bitcoin is starting to gain ground in the mobile apps department. There is a growing number of bitcoin-related games in all of the major app stores right now, which helps put crypt...

How the technology behind Bitcoin could change the music industry – and help everyone get paid Blockchain technology could help every musician get a fairer deal, from big stars to underground artists. Josh Hall finds out how the technology works.

Has Trump Made Mexico the Next Hotspot for Bitcoin? By Peter ChawagaIt can be hard to say what sparks people to adopt the latest innovations. Sometimes it is caused by a shifting marketplace, sometimes.

Bitcoin prices touch fresh 3-year high The price of a single bitcoin leapt to its highest level in more than three years on Tuesday as traders bought up coins in anticipation of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling on a proposed bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

Automaker Daimler AG Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Project Daimler AG, the parent company of luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz, has joined the Linux Foundation led Hyperledger project. The firm announced today that it had joined up with the initiative. Daimler is the second high-profile member to join Hyperledg

Bitcoin Price Nears All-Time High in Most Markets at $1,108 Bitcoin price has peaked US$1,108 on February 21, nearing its all-time high average price of $1,140 for the first time since January 4.

New Ethereum Blockchain Consortium Could Run on Experimental Tech Could the enterprise blockchain consortium use its own experimental technology to break away from the traditional top-down governance model?

What is Bitcoin Unlimited? Development of bitcoin requires multiple ideas to ensure the future and stability of this popular cryptocurrency can be guaranteed. With the block size scaling issue still a problem, several developer...

Mercedes Benz Maker Daimler Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Project as Premium Member German automaker and multinational Daimler AG has joined the open-source blockchain working group, the Hyperledger Project.

CoinDesk Research Releases 'Blockchains for Insurance' Report CoinDesk Research has released its new 44-page research report on the intersection between blockchain tech and the insurance industry.

Danish police first in the world to hunt down criminals using bitcoin The Danish police is first in the world to trace bitcoin usage of criminals. Recently, Danish court convicted drug dealer using bitcoin-trace evidence.

EU Parliament Report Explores Blockchain's 'Substantial Impact The EU Parliament’s in-house research office has published a new wide-ranging report on blockchain tech.

Global Bitcoin Market is Less Dependent on China, Price Surges The PBoC controversy allowed the global bitcoin market to become independent and eliminate its reliance on the Chinese market.

Why the “Experts” Can’t Agree About Fed Rate Hikes It’s amazing how the same set of economic data can create two very different opinions on the overrated Fed Funds hike issue. In two Bloomberg opinion pieces last week, we see the stark difference...

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